Judith Bassett (Holmes)

Judith has been involved with horses since childhood. As early as she can remember, she could be found in a barn or riding ring. She has included her love and knowledge of horses in her new novel, Scarlett Meadows.

Judith, also known by her granddaughters as GJ loves spending time with them. She is happiest when she is with her children and grandchildren.

When she is not with family and loved ones, she can be found volunteering at the MSPCA, cleaning stalls and being with horses. Not riding, just caring for them. She also volunteers at Ironstone Farm, working with students, learning so much about therapy with horses and all they can give.

Wendy Holmes

"One of my favorite memories is holding a camera while in a tree stand looking down at a pack of wolves circling me because they thought I was dinner. I was more excited about getting the perfect camera shot than fearing for my life."

Wendy has been in the television/film business for 10+ years. As a media specialist with a vast degree of experience in the media she has worked on many projects such as: wildlife videos, The TV show Rescue 911, small budget films, and several PBS specials.

Wendy has been an artist since she could hold a crayon, she spent most of her childhood finger painting. Wendy currently resides in Boston with her daughter.

Her personal artist website is