Children's Books

Wish on a Purple Cow

By Wendy & Judith Holmes

Does your child wrestle with nightmares night after night? Wish on a Purple Cow is a bedtime story that helps children learn how to order and control their dreams for a restful night's sleep. Six year old Sally has a terrible time with nightmares. This book tells the story of Sally and how her older, wiser brother introduces her to the head of Dreamland, Purple Cow.

In Dreamland, Sally learns how to order her dreams and rid herself of nightmares and monsters. This book is a magical journey with fun characters and bright beautiful illustrations. If your little one struggles with restless nights and nightmares, Wish on a Purple Cow can help calm their minds for a peaceful night.

Coloring & Activity Book

By Wendy & Judith Holmes

Coloring and activity book based off of the beloved book Wish on a Purple Cow by Wendy & Judith Holmes. Enjoy hours of coloring with your favorite characters!

One-side only designs are waiting to be filled with your creativity! A great gift for the preschooler on your list! Wish on a Purple Cow Coloring Book is perfect for: birthday gifts, holiday gifts, stocking stuffers, party favors, Long car trips…or just because.