Scarlett Meadows

By Judith Bassett

It is the summer of 1998, and Emily seems to have it all. She is looking forward to the fall when she will move in with Steven, and go back to New York to get her master’s degree. To Steven, she is everything he could want in a woman. She is beautiful, wealthy, and charming.

Emily would be the first to claim that she is not spoiled or privileged. She would tell you she has cleaned stalls and cared for horses, but those horses are champions on her family estate.

While celebrating her birthday with her family, Emily’s world drastically changes, and she’s unprepared for her new reality. Unable to cope, she clings to memories that are often painful.

While developing the family stables into a therapy center, she befriends an unusual partner, Jason, who struggles with PTSD. How will he fit into Emily’s new world? Will she ever find happiness again?